Comics, War And Ordinary Miracles


20160918Creative non-fiction by two writers, Adnan Mahmutovic and Lucy Durneen, exploring their very different lives in 1992 and their connection through the Bosnian War.

After meeting at a short-fiction conference, Adnan Mahmutovic and Lucy Durneen began talking to one another about Adnan's childhood love of comics and his efforts to preserve them during the Bosnian War. At that time, Lucy was going through adolescence in the UK but her father was flying reconnaissance missions over Bosnia.

This piece - specially commissioned for Radio 4 - draws on their experiences, which they first explored in connected essays in World Literature Today in 2015.

Adnan Mahmutovic came to Sweden from Bosnia as a war refugee in the 1990s. He lectures at Stockholm University in literature and creative writing and has published a novel, Thinner Than a Hair, and a short-story collection, How to Fare Well and Stay Fair.

Lucy Durneen lectures in English and creative writing at Plymouth University and is assistant editor of Short Fiction. She has recently completed her first collection of short stories.

Writers: Adnan Mahmutovic and Lucy Durneen

Readers: Adnan Mahmutovic and Lucy Durneen

Producer: Jeremy Osborne

A Sweet Talk production for BBC Radio 4.

20160918Two writers explore their different lives and connection through the Bosnian War in 1992.