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What Happened Next: Ebola20180103

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the challenges of bringing the disease in control

In Sierra Leone, the Ebola outbreak in 2013-14 caught everyone, including the WHO, completely unprepared. Award winning reporter Unaru Fofana talks to Tulip about his own experience of the outbreak; plus we hear from both local and western doctors about the fight to bring the disease under control. Central was persuading grieving families – with the help of social scientists – to change their burial practices.

(Photo: Health workers carry a stretcher at the Kenama Ebola treatment centre run by the Red Cross, 2014. Credit: Fracnisco Leong/AFP/Getty Images)

What Happened Next: Rana Plaza20171227

Four years on since the collapse of the Rana Plaza has anything changed in Bangladesh?

When the Rana Plaza building collapsed in 2013, it drew worldwide attention to the horrific conditions for workers in the garment industry. Over a thousand people were killed one day after the building’s owners ignored warnings about cracks. Four years later, contributors on the ground wonder if anything has changed in the rush for profit in Bangladesh.

(Photo: A Bangladeshi worker who was rescued from the collapsed poses on the site of the former Rana Plaza garment complex poses at the former site. Credit: Getty Images)

What Happened Next: The Japanese Tsunami, 201120171220

How did people rebuild their lives after the devastating Japanese tsunami of 2011?

In the most earthquake ready country on earth – Japan - a massive tsunami in 2011 hit two schools in Kamaishi and Okawa. At one everyone survived; at the other 74 children were killed. What went wrong?

We hear gripping contributions from pupils at both schools, including Mai Ogasawara and Tetsuya Tadano; location recordings from Mai Nishiyama and Yu Wada Dimmer on the aftermath of the giant wave; plus interviews with Richard Lloyd Parry, author of Ghosts of the Tsunami and Robert Muir-Wood, author of the Cure for Catastrophe.

(Photo: Cherry blossom covers trees amid tsunami devastation in Kamaishi City, 2011. Credit: Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP)