The Complete Adventures Of Claudine

Four complete plays by John Peacock, based on the novels of Colette, and starring Claire Skinner as Claudine.


01Claudine At School19990901In her last year at school, Claudine is seduced by the temptation of love.

With Jill Balcon, Paloma Baeza and Sally Baxter.

Director Celia De Wolff

02Claudine In Paris19990908Claudine explores the city and its vices, and is as tempted by them as she is by her uncle.

With John Hartley, Nicholas Farrell and Scott Handy.

Director Celia De Wolff

03Claudine Married19990915Claudine's infidelity turns out to be more painful than she could have imagined.

With Nicholas Farrell, Julia Ford and Scott Handy.

Director Celia De Wolff

04 LASTClaudine And Annie19990922Claudine wants to help Annie, but begins to wonder whether she can only help herself.

With Poppy Miller, Clare Holman, Philip Voss and Nicholas Farrell.

Director Celia De Wolff