The Complete Ripley, Ripley Under Ground



By Patricia Highsmith. Ian Hart stars as charming, cultured Tom Ripley, in the second of Patricia Highsmith's classic thrillers. With a dead man's money safely stowed in the bank Tom is living in luxury in a chateaux in France with his beautiful French wife. But the clever art forgery which funds Tom's expensive tastes is about to be uncovered.

Tom Ripley...Ian Hart

Heloise...Helen Longworth

Bernard Tufts...Benedict Sandiford

Jeff Constant...Stephen Hogan

Madame Annette...Caroline Guthrie

Murchison...Malcolm Tierney

Webster...Stephen Critchlow

Dramatist Alan McDonald

Director Claire Grove.

Tom is living in luxury in a chateau in France, but his forgery is about to be uncovered.