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Bach's Sons - and a Cousin

1/5. The Eldest Son: Wilhelm Friedemann Bach

'Friedemann's gifts remain evident in an outpouring of rich melody, a harmonic palette more varied and more daring than that of most of his contemporaries - and above all a highly personal style of musical expression,' according to Eugene Helm. Donald Macleod investigates.

Sinfonia in D, F64

Concerto Koln

Sonata in F, F10

Andreas Staier and Robert Hill (harpsichords)

Cantata, Erzittert und fallet (opening chorus)

Gachinger Kantorei

Stuttgart Collegium Musicum

Helmuth Rilling (conductor)

Duo for two flutes in E minor, F54

Ashley Solomon and Andrew Crawford (flutes)

Polonaise in D minor, F19

Harald Hoeren (fortepiano)

Donald Macleod investigates.