Composers Of The Week - Alessandro And Domenico Scarlatti


Gia Lusingato Appieno20010920Donald Macleod explores Domenico's keyboard sonatas, with performances from Landowska to Pletnev.

Plus a concerto by Domenico and Alessando's cantata `Gia lusingato appieno' and Kk3.

Mikhail Pletnev (piano).

Sonata, Kk490.

Wanda Landowska (harpsichord).

Gli Equivoci20010918Donald Macleod explores Alessandro's contribution to the birth of opera in Rome, including his opera `Gli equivoci' and a cantata, plus a sonata and the Stabat mater from Domenico D Scarlatti: Stabat mater.

ENGLISH Baroque Soloists/John Eliot Gardiner.

Hor Che De Febo20010919Donald Macleod introduces two of Alessandro's cantatas - `Hor che de Febo' and `Ombre tacite e sole' - and sonatas by Domenico played by Ralph Kirkpatrick and John Williams
Pur Nel Sonno Almen Tal20010921Donald Macleod introduces sonatas by Domenico played by Scott Ross and Glenn Gould, a cantata by Domenico - `Pur nel sonno almen tal'ora' - and a recorder concerto by Alessandro Gould (piano).