Concerning A Woman


Genome: [r4 Bd=19681028]

by Stephen Wendt with Richard Pasco and Ann Lynn

' Am I just a partner in a little extra-marital excursion, or if I mean as much to her as she to me could it be that these two halves of her life, family and 1, actually combine to a perfect entity? '


Richard Pasco is in ' The Italian Girl at Wyndham's Theatre. London

Genome: [r4 Bd=19681028]

Unknown: Stephen Wendt

Unknown: Richard Pasco

Unknown: Ann Lynn

Produced By: Richard Wortley

Produced By: Richard Pasco

Louis Bryanston: Richard Pasco

Danielle Granchet: Ann Lynn

Jean Granchel: Geoffrey Matthews

Gabriella: Freda Dowie

Carl Wagner: Murray Kash

Rowena Symington: Diana Olsson

Simone: Stephanie Gathercole

Waiter: Peter Baldwin

Detective: Brian Haines