A Concise Chinese-english Dictionary For Lovers

Xiaolu Guo's romantic comedy about two lovers who don't speak each other's language, adapted by Sarah Lefanu.



  • dictionary....sally cookson
  • lover....jay villiers
  • mrs margaret....anna carus-wilson
  • z....Su-lin Looi

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    When Zhuang Xiao Qiao arrives in London to study English she calls herself Z because English people can't pronounce her name.

    Her own attempts at English are not much better, however, and she finds herself lonely and confused in the big foreign city.


    Z's lonely life in London changes when she is captivated by the smile of an Englishman, although there is much room for misunderstanding between them.


    Z enters a new world of sex, freedom and self-discovery, but love between two people separated by a serious language barrier is fraught with difficulties.


    Z's English is getting better the longer she lives with her Englishman.

    However, this doesn't mean communication is necessarily any easier, as she discovers when they start to fight more and more.

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    Z learns that, in the West, love does not always mean the same as in China.

    She also discovers that you can learn all the words in the English language and still not understand your man.