Confession At Night


Genome: [r4 Bd=19690728]

by Aleksei Arbuzov translated by ARIADNE NICOLAEFF with Ian Richardson and Brian Cox

' Only my death can prove that my fear of dyinu wasn'part of it. As well as doing good I have done people harm-terrible harm. Even in the name of good! Every compromise leaves indelible stains.'


Ian Richardson is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19690728]

Unknown: Aleksei Arbuzov

Translated By: Ariadne Nicolaeff

Unknown: Ian Richardson

Unknown: Brian Cox

Produced By: Anthony Cornish

Produced By: Ian Richardson

Hissling: Ian Richardson

Von Halem: Brian Hewlett

Samarin: George Woolley

Mironets: Jeremy Mason

Sholtz: Tony Robinson

Boris Glebov: Arthur Pentelow

Yulya Glebova: Anne Cullen

Koverga: Charles Simon

Edik: Alan Devereux

Lelya: Catherine Crutchley

Bryansky-Martinelli: Desmond McNamara

Zaitsev: James Irwin

Lastochkin: Brian Cox

Lt Werf: Danny Thorpe