The Confessions Of Caminada



The Confessions of Caminada by Christopher Reason

Jerome Caminada was a real life detective in nineteenth century Manchester. This drama is based on a real life case from his memoirs. It is 1889 and eighteen year old Charlie Parton has been convicted of murder of a respected local councillor. He faces execution but prominent social campaigner Mrs Annie Swinton knows the lad and refuses to believe he is guilty.

Caminada....George Costigan

Annie Swinton....Julia Ford

Father Dermot/Bannister....Russell Dixon

Fletcher/Wood....Jonathan Keeble

Moods....Justin Moorhouse

Charlie....Oliver Lee

Producer/Director Gary Brown

Manchester is gripped by an economic depression, the political atmosphere is febrile, there are demonstrations on the streets and crime is spiralling. Only this isn't 2013, it's the 1880s and the man keeping chaos at bay is Detective Inspector JEROME CAMINADA. Combining high principles with low cunning, he cracks down on both political dissent and criminality with single-minded ruthlessness. And yet for all his hard nosed pragmatism, he is capable of moments of insight, humour and compassion. The man is an enigma.