The Confessions Of Dorian Gray

Inspired by Oscar Wilde's classic story of hedonism and corruption, The Confessions of Dorian Gray imagines a world where Dorian Gray was real, and his friendship with Oscar Wilde spawned the notorious novel.


0101This World Our Hell20121000

Paris, 1900. One of Dorian Gray's oldest friends is on his deathbed, locked away in a room at the notorious Hotel D'Alsace, where he is fighting a duel to the death. And when Dorian comes to visit him one last time, both men realise they may never be allowed to check out...
  • alexander vlahos (dorian gray)

  • david blackwell (robert ross)
  • marilyn le conte (genevieve moreau)
  • sophie melville (isabelle)
  • steffan rhodri (oscar wilde)
  • directed by....: scott handcock
  • written by....: david llewellyn

  • 0104The Heart That Lives Alone20121100

    Whitby, 1986. At a masked soiree on the Royal Crescent, Dorian meets the elusive and enigmatic Tobias Matthews: a man he is instantly drawn to... but also a man with dangerous secrets. Has Dorian Gray finally met his match?
  • Alexander Vlahos (dorian gray)
  • Hugh Skinner (tobias matthews)
  • Marilyn Le Conte (emilia)
  • Wilf Scolding (richard)
  • directed by: Scott Handcock
  • written by: Scott Handcock

  • 0105The Fallen King Of Britain

    London, 2007. Dorian Gray is living the high life. But when his workmates start to die in their sleep, and he starts to dream about those he's lost, Dorian discovers that the higher your place in society, the further you have to fall.
  • Written By: Joseph Lidster
  • Alexander Griffin-griffiths (mark)
  • Alexander Vlahos (dorian gray)
  • David Blackwell (simon)
  • Sophie Melville (fiona)
  • directed by: Scott Handcock

  • 01XMASGhosts Of Christmas Past20121200

    Christmas, 1912. The funeral of an old friend brings Dorian back to London. But when his painting is stolen, Dorian is blackmailed into committing a terrible murder. Only one man can help him: a retired consulting detective named Sherlock Holmes... the man he has to kill.
  • Alexander Griffin-griffiths (man)
  • Alexander Vlahos (dorian gray)
  • Antonio Rastelli (messenger)
  • Lorna Rose Harris (maid)
  • Nicholas Briggs (Sherlock Holmes)
  • Rebecca Newman (sibyl vane)
  • Richard Nichols (alan campbell)
  • Rupert Young (james moriarty)
  • Seကn Carlsen (billy)
  • Sophie Melville (woman)
  • Wilf Scolding (receptionist)
  • directed by: Scott Handcock
  • written by: Tony Lee