Consider The Lilies [Susan Hill]


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20190630 (BBC7)

Charles Bowman saw angels when his sister drowned. Blakean visions which led to his isolation.

Decades later, as a 53-year-old bachelor in charge of botanical gardens, he sees angels once again. They appear to him in a magnolia tree, blazing with the light of God.

Bowman wants to rid himself of these visions. No doctor can provide an answer. But he finds himself drawn to a dying girl called Susannah, who likes to visit his gardens. At last, someone understands him.

Tony Britton.... Charles Bowman
Vernon Joyner.... Lesage
Betty Huntley-Wright.... Lesage’s mother
Helen Worth.... Susannah
Nicholas Delaine.... Young Charles
Julie Hallam.... Lottie
Diana Olson.... Susannah’s nurse
Clive Swift.... Doctor

Written by Susan Hill. Produced by Guy Vaesen. With music by Geoffrey Burgon.

First broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in 1973.

Charles saw angels when his sister drowned - visions that have returned decades later.