Constant Lambert (1905-1951) And Alan Rawsthorne (1905-1971)



Donald Macleod begins his week-long exploration of the lives and works of two composers who were born a few months apart 100 years ago.

As he finds out, among their many common interests was a passion for cats and fish.

Alan Rawsthorne: The Naming of Cats (Excerpt from Practical Cats)

Robert Donat (speaker)

Philharmonia Orchestra

Alan Rawsthorne (conductor)

Alan Rawsthorne: The Creel

Peter Lawson and Alan MacLean

Constant Lambert: Romeo and Juliet (Excerpt)

State Orchestra of Victoria

John Lanchbery (conductor)

Constant Lambert: The Rio Grande

Sally Burgess (mezzo-soprano)

Jack Gibbons (piano)

English Northern Philharmonia

Leeds Festival Chorus

David Lloyd Jones (conductor)

Alan Rawsthorne: Theme and Variations for Two Violins (1938)

Peter Sheppard Skærved and Christine Sohn.

0220050823Donald Macleod continues his journey through the lives and works of these two composers who were both contemporaries and friends.

He follows them along their different career paths.

Constant Lambert had a meteoric start and was already established by the age of 22, but it took Alan Rawsthorne considerably longer to make his mark, not least because he began training as both a dentist and an architect first.

Constant Lambert: Sonata for Piano

Ian Brown

Constant Lambert: Pomona

English Northern Philharmonia

David Lloyd-Jones (conductor)

Alan Rawsthorne: Excerpt from score for the film of Uncle Silas (arranged and orchestrated by Philip Lane)

BBC Philharmonic

Rumon Gamba (conductor).

0420050825Constant Lambert and Alan Rawsthorne had a lot in common, not least that they both married the same woman.

The amazing Isabel Nicholas was one of the great muses of the 20th century.

Donald Macleod looks at how she, and other significant women, affected the composers' lives.

Constant Lambert: Elegiac Blues

Richard Rodney Bennett

Constant Lambert: Eight Poems by Li-Po

Yvonne Kenny (soprano)

Malcolm Martineau (piano)

Alan Rawsthorne: Concertante for Violin and Piano

Nadia Myerscough (violin)

Yoshiko Endo (piano)

Constant Lambert: Horoscope (excerpt)

BBC Concert Orchestra

Barry Wordsworth (conductor)

Alan Rawsthorne: Quintet for Piano and Winds

The Fibonacci Sequence.

05 LAST20050826Donald Macleod ends his week-long examination of the lives and music of these two composers by looking at the friends who influenced them and the friendship that existed between the two men.

Alan Rawsthorne: Symphony No 2 (A Pastoral Symphony)

London Philharmonic Orchestra

Nicholas Braithwaite (conductor)

Constant Lambert: Trois Pièces Nègres pour les Touches Blanches

Peter Lawson and Alan MacLean

Constant Lambert: Concerto for Piano and Nine Players (Excerpt)

Richard Rodney Bennett (piano)

Members of the English Sinfonia

Neville Dilkes (conductor)

Alan Rawsthorne: Variations on a Theme by Constant Lambert

Ulster Orchestra

Takuo Yuasa (conductor).