Container, The [Radio Scotland]



A lorry carrying illegal asylum seekers is driving towards Scotland.

Can they trust the driver to get them there? Can they trust one another? How far will each of them go to get what they want? In 28 minutes of real time these five people reveal their weaknesses and their desperation; as they bribe one another, and their driver, and delude themselves, clinging to the hope of a bright future.

This is a moving and challenging play based on stories of asylum seekers' bids for freedom.

The drama was recorded in a lorry container.


Fatima - Doreene Blackstock

Asha - Mercy Ojelade

Jemal - Abhin Galeya

Mariam - Amber Agar

Driver - Chris Spyrides

Director - Marilyn Imrie

Producer - Turan Ali

A Bona Broadcasting production for BBC Radio Scotland.

A lorry with asylum seekers heads for Scotland.

Will any make a new life for themselves?