The Contemporary Piano


01Hear And Now20120929

begins a two part exploration of the contemporary piano. This week Tom Service is joined by the pianistic adventurer Sarah Nicolls.

As part of Piano on the BBC, Sarah Nicolls gives her own take on some of the classics of the more recent piano repertoire from Nancarrow, Stockhausen, Cowell, Cage and the prepared piano to the latest works where the piano's keyboard itself represents merely the tip of an iceberg where the physicality of piano-playing and the cerebral world of computers combine.

And in the Hear and Now Fifty pianist Nicolas Hodges advocates Jean Barraqué's Chant après chant, for soprano, piano and percussion. It is one of just a handful of surviving works by this contemporary of Boulez and Stockhausen whose death in 1973 at the age of 45 robbed the contemporary musical world of one of its most innovative, thoughtful and deeply expressive voices. With commentary from author Paul Griffiths.

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As part of the Piano Season on the BBC, Nicolas Hodges joins Sara Mohr-Pietsch for the second of two programmes exploring the contemporary pianists and piano repertoire, including music by Boulez, Stockhausen, Cardew, Feldman and Finnissy. And in the Hear and Now 50, Tom Service introduces American composer John Zorn's Carny - a dazzling piano collage of everything from Mozart to Fats Waller, Chopin to Schoenberg, and cocktail piano to Elliott Carter.