The Contingency Plan



By Steve Waters.

A powerful new version of the play originally staged at The Bush Theatre in London, addressing the subject of climate change.

As Britain faces unprecedented and catastrophic floods, government and scientists argue over what action to take.

A young glaciologist arrives in Whitehall determined to convince the powers that be of the importance of immediate action.

But he is also bent on avenging his father, a scientist whose views were discredited a generation ago.

Will Paxton....Joseph Kloska

Sarika Chatterjee....Vineeta Rishi

Robin Paxton....Robin Soans

Jenny Paxton....Susan Brown

Christopher Casson....David Bark-Jones

Tessa Fortnum....Stella Gonet

Colin Jenks....Michael Elwyn

Producer/Director: Peter Leslie Wild.

Drama set in the near future as the government deals with a real global warming crisis.