Conversation From The Engine Room


20170827 (BBC7)
20170828 (BBC7)

Lonely school caretaker Marriott gets visits from lonely pupil Robert.

Marriott is a school caretaker. He calls his boiler room the engine room of a ship, with the ship as the school and its cargo - the pupils.

One of them is Robert, a lonely boy, just as Marriott is a lonely man. But they have something else in common.... could it be innocence?

Nick Warburton's school-based drama stars Colin Douglas as Marriott, Hugh Dickson as Fox, Avril Clarke as Miss Murdoch and Roy Merchant as Robert.

Recorded with contributions from the Music Teacher and pupils of St Gildas' School in North London.

Director: John Tydeman

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1986.