The Cook And The Gardener



By Amanda Hesser

Read by Emma Fielding.

As the new cook at a 17th century Chateau in Burgundy, Amanda Hesser decides that to make the best of the home grown produce, she must befriend the gardener, the gruff 80 year old Monsieur Milbert, and discover his secrets.


It's March in Burgundy and the new cook at the local Chateau is continuing her efforts to befriend the gardener.

But negotiations between cook and gardener have traditionally been tricky, as the cook always wants vegetables a month before they're ready, whereas the gardener would much rather deliver the world's largest carrot to the kitchen.


In May, after a spell of bitter cold weather traditionally known in Burgundy at les saints de glace, the gardener, Monsieur Milbert, is finally persuaded to deliver some of his precious asparagus to the kitchen.


It's June and the cook can barely keep up with the produce delivered to the Chateau kitchen by the elderly gardener, Monsieur Milbert.

But Bibb lettuce, and cHIVes, fresh berries and cherries provide inspiration for some deliciously simple meals.


As winter approaches once more in Burgundy and the stream of produce from the garden slows, the gardener tucks his scarf firmly back round his neck and the cook investigates the delights of the precious root cellar.