2003091920050114By Christopher Reason.

The lads used to look forward to their monthly cook-up but years later their idealism and lives have burnt out.

For ten years, on the last Friday of every month, the four men met for an evening of collective cooking and consumption of a gourmet meal.

The group was formed out of something close to idealism.

They believed they were making a statement; eschewing sexism and loutishness in favour of sensitivity and warmth by meeting in each other's kitchens, traditionally a female preserve, putting the world to rights whilst preparing and eating the food.

Now the years have passed, grey hairs have sprouted, relationships have crashed on the rocks, and cynicism has asserted itself.

The meals are no longer so elaborate, the booze more plentiful.

For the last year, the group has grown moribund.

No one is prepared to organise anything.

It seems to have run its course.

So it's a surprise when Des goes to some lengths to bring everyone together for a reunion.

He has cajoled Max and Spencer to show up at Norman's house, where the evening is to take place.

Only Des fails to turn up, and anyway Max has an announcement to make.

Four men in a cooking group who are approaching middle age attempt to recapture the spirit of their youth, with disastrously results.

Norman....Mark Benton

Max....Matthew Marsh

Spencer....Matthew Wait

Lydia....Nimmy March

Directed by Kate Rowland