Genome: [r4 Bd=19680603]

A melodrama by John O'Donovan adapted for radio by the author with Timothy West as John Scott. Earl of Clonmell,

Chief Justice of the King's Bench in Ireland

Michael Harbour, Kate Binchy Barry Keegan , Jessie Evans

Characters m order of speaking: Produced by JOHN POWELL

The scene: The Court of King's Bench. Four Courts. Dublin, and Newgata Jail. Dublin. The time: 1798. during the reign of George III Timothy West is in 'The Italian Girl ' at the Wyndham's Theatre; Jessie Kvans in ' Canterbury Tales ' at the Phoenix Theatre. London

Genome: [r4 Bd=19680603]

Unknown: John O'Donovan

Unknown: Timothy West

Unknown: John Scott.

Unknown: Kate Binchy

Unknown: Barry Keegan

Unknown: Jessie Evans

Produced By: John Powell

Unknown: George Iii

Unknown: Jessie Kvans

Clerk of the Court: Brian Hewlett

Lord Chief Justice Scott: Timothy West

Miltigan, the Chief Justice's Crier: Michael Deacon

Peter Shanks, a rebel leader: Michael Harbour

Mary Neale: Kate Binchy

Arthur Wolfe Attorney-General: Barry Keegan

Counsellors: Dennis Adams

Counsellors: Leonard Fenton

Eliza Shanks Peter's mother: Jessie Evans

Turnkeys: Dennis Adams

Turnkeys: Leonard Fenton

Viola and Bessie, whores: Jan Edwards

Viola and Bessie, whores: Rosalind Shanks

Jack Fennessy, a condemned prisoner: Nigel Clayton

Brian Borroo a prisoner: Brian Hewlett

Galvin, hangman: Malcolm Hayes

Dr Palmer: Michael Kilgarriff

The Governor of Newgate Jail, Dublin.: Duncan McIntyre

Viceroy of Ireland: Leonard Fenton