Corvus - A Life With Birds [book Of The Week]

Maureen Beattie reads from Esther Woolfson's story of her life with birds.



Esther was an unlikely candidate to become a bird lover until her husband's grandmother asked her to look after some doves.

They became the first of a long line of birds to become an integral part of her household.


The Woolfson family grows as Esther's daughter asks for a bird for her birthday.

She selects a cockatiel named Bardie.


Esther's daughter arrives back from guide camp with a fledgling rook that has fallen from its nest high in the trees.

Chicken takes her place in the household.


As Esther gets used to living with Chicken the rook, she discovers that corvine behaviour is far more sophisticated and fascinating than she had ever imagined.

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Spike the magpie joins the Woolfson household.

Much to her amazement, Esther hears herself mimicked with disturbing accuracy.