Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show


20080710 BT=2330 (BBC7)
20080711 BT=0430 (BBC7)

Count Arthur is defeated by a toaster and a bus journey before entertaining the WI with highlights from his showbiz career. Episode 4 of 6.

20080724 BT=2330 (BBC7)
20080725 BT=0430 (BBC7)

Count Arthur makes a batch of piccalilli and helps Malcolm with an important audition. Written by and starring Steve Delaney. Episode 6 of 6.

20080717 BT=2330 (BBC7)
20080718 BT=0430 (BBC7)

Count Arthur stumbles through another audition without a script and relives a role in Juliet Bravo. Starring Steve Delaney. Episode 5 of 6.

20080626 BT=2330 (BBC7)
20080627 BT=0430 (BBC7)

Reminiscences of a former variety star, where Robin Hood, Jack the Ripper and Bendy Bob sit side by side. Stars Steve Delaney. Episode 2 of 6.

20080807 BT=2330 (BBC7)
20080808 BT=0430 (BBC7)

The BBC invites the former variety star to take part in a panel game, but he can't find his team mates or a bell or buzzer. Episode 2 of 6.

20080703 BT=2330 (BBC7)
20080704 BT=0430 (BBC7)

The confused theatre veteran has been cast in a radio play. Or has he? As a traumatic rehearsal ensues, nothing gets clearer. Episode 3 of 6.

20080828 BT=2330 (BBC7)
20080829 BT=0430 (BBC7)

The famously muddle-headed thespian attempts to get work as an after dinner speaker. With guest star Barry Cryer. Episode 3 of 6.

20080731 BT=2330 (BBC7)
20080801 BT=0430 (BBC7)

The former variety star turns to motivational speaking, with some dunces' caps and the slogan - 'success is a budgie'. Episode 1 of 6.

20080619 BT=2330 (BBC7)
20080620 BT=0430 (BBC7)

The one time variety star is promoting his diaries, but the book signing venue proves to be a disaster. Stars Steve Delaney. Episode 1 of 6.

20080904 BT=2330 (BBC7)
20080905 BT=0430 (BBC7)

The scatty nobleman speaks before the Oxford University Union. How will he fare in the Creationism versus Evolution debate? Episode 4 of 6.

20080911 BT=2330 (BBC7)
20080912 BT=0430 (BBC7)

The showbiz legend and master of mispronunciation has tummy trouble, but doesn't trust the doctors. With Steve Delaney. Episode 5 of 6.