Count Of Monte Cristo, The [Reading]

A thrilling story of love, passion and revenge from Alexandre Dumas.


01Betrayal2002051020040309 (BBC7)
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20040612 (BBC7)
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20060131 (BBC7)

Tim Pigott-smith reads a nine-part adaptation of Alexandre Dumas's classic tale.It is 1815 and plots are hatched to entrap the fortunate young sailor Edmond Dantes

A thrilling story of love, passion and revenge from Alexander Dumas.

02The Chateau D'if2002051720060131 (BBC7)
20060201 (BBC7)

The betrayal of Edmond Dantes has begun.

Alexandre Dumas' tale of treachery and revenge read by Tim Piggott-Smith.

Edmond is sent to the prison on the black rock of Chateau d'If

03The Abbe Faria2002052420040311 (BBC7)
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20060202 (BBC7)

After years of incarceration, Edmond's hope is renewed

Having given up all hope, Dantes has starved himself in the hope of bringing about death.

Dantes meets a fellow prisoner at the Chateau D'If.

04Escape2002053120040312 (BBC7)
20040313 (BBC7)
20040616 (BBC7)
20040617 (BBC7)
20060202 (BBC7)
20060203 (BBC7)

Dantes plans his escape from the Chateau D'If.

Free at last, Edmond discovers the names of his enemies and benefactors

Only the dead leave Chateau d'If.

With this in mind, Dantes comes up with an ingenious plan.

Read by Tim Piggott-Smith.

05Paris2002060720040315 (BBC7)
20040316 (BBC7)
20040617 (BBC7)
20040618 (BBC7)
20060203 (BBC7)
20060204 (BBC7)

As the Count of Monte Cristo Dantes introduces himself to Albert, the son of Mercedes and Fernand.

Edmond assumes his identity as the Count of Monte Cristo to enter PARIS society

06Noirtier De Villefort2002061420040316 (BBC7)
20040317 (BBC7)
20040618 (BBC7)
20040619 (BBC7)
20060206 (BBC7)
20060207 (BBC7)

The Count finds himself in conversation with the woman he once loved.

Dant退 ingeniously undermines Fernand and Danglars whilst disturbing events occur in the de Villefort household.

Read by Tim Piggott-Smith.

07The Accusation2002062120040317 (BBC7)
20040318 (BBC7)
20040621 (BBC7)
20040622 (BBC7)
20060207 (BBC7)
20060208 (BBC7)

The enemies of Monte Cristo find that their past is catching up with them.

An accusation of treason is made against Fernand and his son Albert challenges the Count of Monte Cristo to a duel.

08Valentine2002062820040318 (BBC7)
20040319 (BBC7)
20040622 (BBC7)
20040623 (BBC7)
20060208 (BBC7)
20060209 (BBC7)

is gravely ill and the Count promises to protect her.

Episode 8 of 9.

Valentine de Villefort finds herself in danger.

09 LASTFinal Reckonings2002070520040319 (BBC7)
20040320 (BBC7)
20040623 (BBC7)
20040624 (BBC7)
20060209 (BBC7)
20060210 (BBC7)

The tale concludes as Monte Cristo reveals himself.

The last pieces of Dant退's plan, to ruin those who wronged him, fall into place but touch the innocent as well as the guilty.