A Country Without Rain


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700323]by WILLIAM HANLEY a bar-keeper

As in his play Slow Dance on the Killing Ground the Irish-American author probes man's conflicting loyalties, his fidelity to creeds and people, in love and in revolutionary politics, subjected to the pressures of race and repressive violence in a Caribbean island. Or as one of the characters formulates it in a toast: ' To " Honour." And to all those who fail to survive their enthusiasm for it.'

Adapted for radio by GUY VAESEN Produced by H. B. FORTUIN

(Irene Worth is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Co)

9.58 Weather


Unknown: William Hanley

Radio By: Guy Vaesen

Produced By: H. B. Fortuin

Produced By: Irene Worth

Isabel: Irene Worth

Adam,: Jeremy Wilkin

her brother Marcus,: Earl Cameron

her husband Luis,: John Justin

Fernanda: Deborah Dallas

Cayetano: Jose Ray