Court Of James I - Vi



Donald Macleod explores the music and musicians of James' time through five key moments in his reign.


The Ruthven Raid: The programme focuses on the aftermath of the young Scottish monarch's imprisonment at Ruthven Castle and James' determination to put his kingdom on a firmer political and cultural footing.

Anon: O Lusty May

Custer LaRue (soprano)

Baltimore Consort

Hume: A Souldiers Resolution

Hume: A Jigge

Paolo Pandolfo (viola da gamba)

Hume: A Spanish Humor

The Harp Consort

Andrew Lawrence-King (harp/director)

Black: Report upon When shall my sorrowful sighing slake

Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet

Peebles: Psalm 107

Capella Nova

Alan Tavener (director)

Kinloch: His Pasmessour

John Kitchen (harpsichord)

Anon: Lyk as the dum Solsequium

Paul Rendall (tenor)

Rob Mackillop (lute)

Tomkins: Be strong

The Sixteen

Harry Christophers (conductor)


Playford: Scotch Cap

Anon: The Gypsy Lilt (Rowallan MS)

02Gunpowder And Tobacco20080408

It is November 5, 1605 and Guy Fawkes' terrorist outrage shakes the foundations of Parliament, if only metaphorically.

Donald Macleod explores how James' musicians responded to the event and includes a song by a tobacco lover, church music by an alcoholic and keyboard music from the most respected organist of the age.

Hume: Tobacco, tobacco

Paul Hillier (baritone)

Rosemary Thorndycraft (bass viol)

Weelkes: O Lord, grant the king a long life

Oxford Camerata

Jeremy Summerly (director)

Richard Allison: Goe from my window

De la Tromba Pavan

Dowland Consort

Jakob Lindberg (director)

Weelkes: Magnificat (Service for Trebles)

Timothy Byram-Wigfield (organ)

Winchester Cathedral Choir

Hume: Cease leaden slumber

Suzie le Blanc (soprano)

Les Voix Humaines

Gibbons: Song I

A Fancy for Double Organ

Jonathan Hardy (organ)

Choir of Magdalen College Oxford

Bill Ives (director)

Gibbons: Te Deum (Second Service)

The King's Consort

Robert King (director).


Donald Macleod explores the music and musicians of James' time through five key moments in his reign.


The Prince's Tunes

Prince Henry, James' ill-fated eldest son comes to follow in his father's footseps when he employs a court of his own, using many of the leading musicians of the age.

Robert Johnson: Courant

Anthony Rooley

Tallis: Sing and Glorify

The Sixteen

Harry Christophers (director)

A Ferrabosco II: Dovehouse Pavan


Hesperion XXI

Jordi Savall (director)

Johnson: The Fairies' Dance (The Masque of Oberon)

A Ferrabosco II: The Solemn Rites are Well Begun

Johnson: The First of the Princes

The Musicians of the Globe

Philip Pickett (director)

Lupo: Ardo, Si (1st part); Ardi et Gela (2nd part)

The English Fantasy

Campion: All Looks be Pale

Michael Chance (countertenor)

Nigel North (lute)

Coperario: Suite in D minor No 12

Le Concert Francais

A Ferrabosco II: Four-note Pavan

Connor Burrowes (treble)

Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet

04Poison And Cakes20080410

It is April 1613, and the King elects to take a more relaxed attitude to life, putting on entertainments such as banquets, lavish masques and elegant dances.

Campion: Fain would I wed

Rachel Elliott (soprano)

Mark Levy (bass viol)

Campion: Break now, my heart

Mark Padmore (tenor)

Nigel North (lute)

Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!

Michael Chance (countertenor)

Bull: The King's Hunt

Bob can Asperen (harpsichord)

Hume: The King of Denmarkes Health

Les Voix Humaines

The Masque of Oberon (opening fanfares and entry musics)

The Musicians of the Globe

Philip Pickett (director)

Nicholas Lanier: Love and I of late did part

I was not wearier

Julia Gooding (soprano)

Christopher Wilson (lute/theorbo)

Coprario: Fantasie VII, RC II

Coprario: Almaine III, RC U 8

Jordi Savall, Christopher Coin, Sergi Casdemunt (lyra viol)

The Masque of Oberon (excerpts)

Meredith Hall (soprano)

Joseph Cornwell (tenor)

05 LASTParliament Recalled20080411

A look at how James' musicians responded to his final years in power, when Parliament was in a mood for war and thoughts were beginning to turn to life under the future King Charles.

Tomkins: When David Heard

I Fagiolini

Robert Hollingworth (director)

Tomkins: Sing unto God

Richard Wistreich (bass)

Rose Consort of Viols

Red Byrd

Johnson: The Satyrs Dance

A Ferrabosco II: Alman

Shirley: The Princes Courant

The Parley of Instruments

Peter Holman (director)

Anon: Rownde Scottishe Tune (Dean Higgin's Commonplace Book)

The Harp Consort

Andrew Lawrence-King (harp/director)

Dowland: Can She Excuse

Dowland Consort

Jakob Lindberg (director)

Dowland: Pavan Lachrimae Gementes

Tomkins: Woe is Me


Gibbons: O all true, faithful hearts

Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge

Richard Marlow (director)

Bull: In Nomine

Pierre Hantai (harpsichord)


O'Cathain: Limerick's Lamentation/Give me your Hand

Eileen Monger (Celtic harp).