The Court Of Louis Xiv



France's 'Sun King' surrounded himself with music and enlisted an army of musicians to adorn what became the most magnificent court in Europe.

Presented by Donald Macleod.

Delalande: Pr退lude avec les trompettes

La Simphonie du Marais

Hugo Reyne (conductor)

Delalande: 6th Suite: Airs du Ballet de Flore ou de Trianon

Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre: Suite in Gm

Carole Cerasi (harpsichord)

Lully: Ballet Royal de Flore (excerpts)

Vis退e: Pièces en r退 mineur

Rafael Andia (baroque guitar).


Donald Macleod recounts how the influence of fashionable Italian opera gave way to a uniquely French musical style under the guiding hand of the King's favourite composer, Jean-Baptiste Lully.

Pinel: Sarabande in C

Jane Chapman (harpsichord)

Rossi: Orfeo: Lasciate Averno, o pene, e me seguite

Ellen Hargis (soprano)

The King's Noyse

David Douglass (director)

Lully: Ballet de Xerxes

Aradia Baroque Ensemble

Kevin Mallon (director)

Charpentier: Sola vivebat in antris Magdalena lugens

Judith Nelson (soprano)

Ren退 Jacobs (counter-tenor/director)

Concerto Vocale

Lully: Alceste, Act V (excerpts)

Jean-Philippe Lafont (baritone)

Colette Alliot-Lugaz (soprano)

Howard Crook (tenor)

Ensemble Vocal Sagittarius

La Grande Écurie et la Chambre du Roy

Jean-Claude Malgoire (conductor).


The Court of Louis XIV


At Versailles, some 20,000 staff and courtiers were kept under the watchful eye of their King while he diverted them with a constant round of entertainments.

Presented by Donald Macleod.

Philidor: La Mariage de la Grosse Cathos: Air

London Oboe Band

Paul Goodwin (director)

Lully: Pers退e: Prologue (extract)

Laurent Slaars (tenor)

Robert Getchell (high-tenor)

B退atrice Mayo Felip (soprano)

Les Talens Lyriques

Christophe Rousset (director)

Hotteterre: 2 Airs Serieux

Wilbert Hazelzet (traverse)

Jaap ter Linden (viola da gamba)

Konrad JungHänel (theorbo)

Jacques Ogg (harpsichord)

Delalande: De Profundis, S23

Ex Cathedra Chamber Choir and Baroque Orchestra

Jeffrey Skidmore (director)

Lully: Isis: Scene du froid, scene des forges

Sophie Daneman (soprano)

Paul Agnew (tenor)

Les Arts Florissants

William Christie (director)


Life at Versailles was a constant round of entertainment and extravagance and on special occasions, Louis' courtiers could look forward to his Grand Divertissements.

Presented by Donald Macleod.

Philidor: La Marche Royal

La Simphonie du Marais

Hugo Reyne (director)

Lully: Psych退; Pr退lude pour les trompettes; Chantons les plaisirs charmants

Les Arts Florissants

William Christie (director)

Lully: Le Divertissement Royal; Danse de Neptune; Les suivants de Neptune; Symphonie des Plaisirs; Pr退lude des Trompettes; Les Hommes et Femmes arm退s

Le Concert des Nations

Jordi Savall (director)

Desmarest: Te Deum de Paris

Le Concert Spirituel

Herv退 Niquet (director)