Cpe Bach (1714-88)


03Artist And Businessman20050914

Bach backed up his radical aesthetics with a brilliant grasp of musical theory but, as Donald Macleod discovers, this was combined with a shrewd knowledge of what would sell.

CPE Bach: Sonata No 1 in C, Six Sonatas, Wq 63/1, 2nd Movt

Christopher Hogwood (clavichord)

CPE Bach: Sonata No 6 in Fm, Six Sonatas, Wq 63/6

CPE Bach: Sonata in Cm, Sanguineus and Melancholicus, Wq 161/1


CPE Bach: La Böhmer, Wq 117/26

Miklós Spányi (clavichord)

CPE Bach: Symphony in Em, W178

Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin.

04New Horizons20050915

After nearly 30 years in Berlin, serving the court of Frederick the Great, Bach set out to start a new life in Hamburg.

Presented by Donald Macleod.

CPE Bach: Sinfonia in G, Wq 183/4: 3rd Movt, Presto

Salzburg Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra

Yoon K Lee (conductor)

CPE Bach: Phyllis and Thirsis

Rosmarie Hofmann (soprano)

Nigel Rogers (tenor)

Hans-Martin Linde (flute)

Christophe Huntgeburth (flute)

Rolf Junghanns (harpsichord)

Phoebe Carrai (cello)

CPE Bach: Easter Cantata Anbetung dem Erbarmer

Barbara Schlick (soprano)

Hilke Helling (alto)

Wilfried Jochens (tenor)

Gotthold Schwarz (bass)

Rheinische Kantorei

Das Kleine Konzert

Hermann Max (conductor)

CPE Bach: 12 short pieces for flute and harpsichord, Wq 82: Nos 7-10

Nancy Hadden (flute)

Lucy Carolan (harpsichord)

CPE Bach: Sinfonia Wq 183, No 3 in F, Wq 183/3

Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, led by Stefan Mai.