0101Let's Talk About Sex20170503

Spencer struggles with daughter Tilly's frank recounting of sex education.

Psychotherapist Spencer finds an uncomfortable conversation with daughter Tilly leads him to an inappropriate outburst outside the school gates. Meanwhile, ex-wife Tina is struggling to get teenager Dylan out of the door in the absence of his lucky pants.

Spencer has an awkward moment with a man on a tube train and decides to make himself feel better by taking Tilly (and bagfuls of his clothes) to a charity shop. Unfortunately, there's a misunderstanding with the owner that results in Spencer shouting a lot about cancer and smashing a door down - but Police eventually let him off with a caution.

Tina's boyfriend Owen's motorbike has been vandalised with a magic marker and Tilly's curious as to why Spencer's hands have got ink all over them.

A Big Talk production for BBC Radio 4.

0102A Recipe For Disaster20170510

Divorcee Spencer Pandy tries to rebuild a bridge to his children with a Mexican banquet.

Psychotherapist divorcee Spencer Pandy attempts to reassert his parental credentials through the medium of a Banqueté Mexicano - though ex-wife Tina is bemused at his request for the children to arrive at 6:30 for 7.

Spencer's search for authentic corn chips and guacamole leads to him being forcibly ejected from a supermarket, arrested at Chalk Farm station and close to being reported for humiliating a distraught female client.

Children Dylan and Tilly arrive for the meal dressed as Zapatistas with huge, magic marker moustaches. Discovering the disguises have been applied by Tina's boyfriend Owen, Spencer is incensed and proceeds to have a fight with the supermarket delivery driver for being early.

A Big Talk production for BBC Radio 4.

0103Revision Express20170517

Divorcee Spencer Pandy tries to rebuild a bridge to his children with a Mexican banquet.

Dylan has exams looming and, like many teenage boys, is finding the whole work/life balance tricky to negotiate. Spencer has problems of his own as his flat has been pumped full of raw sewage and he decides to kill two birds with one van. He parks a mobile home on the family drive emblazoned with a sign that reads Revision Express.

He proposes to aid Dylan's revision with a technique known as appetitive stimulus. Despite Tilly's observation that "I think he's already started...I'm sure that's why he spends so long in the bathroom", it turns out to be a system of rewards that Spencer covertly places in Dylan's wardrobe.

So basically - bribery.

Things start badly as Dylan's friend Jamal takes a picture of Spencer emerging proudly from the Revision Express in a peaked cap and uniform and uploads it to Instagram where it immediately goes viral and sprouts memes of Spencer as (among other things) a zookeeper and Hitler.

A Big Talk production for BBC Radio 4.


Divorcee father Spencer is shocked to see the family home is no longer called Utopia.

Divorcee Spencer arrives to take Tilly to school and is shocked to see the family home is no longer called Utopia. Meanwhile, teenage son Dylan has illegally downloaded Straw Dogs and daughter Tilly intends to attend school mufti-day in drag as one half of Siegfried and Roy (with cat Lord Lucan as the lion).

Spencer has an argument with the managing agent of his flat over a tiny detail of its refurbishment and threatens to give notice - which the agent willingly accepts.

Spencer sees his list of clients in a daze, mentally obsessing over property and, as he fumbles through the day still carrying a wooden name plaque bearing the fading legend Utopia, ends up wandering into an estate agent's office in an attempt to talk to a pretty girl.

A Big Talk production for BBC Radio 4.