19920608Unusual tale about a journalist who goes on a journey to a remote monastery to solve a mystery....who was Culper? Mystic or charlatan?

With Imogen Stubbs as Claire, Julia Hills as Gwenda, and Bill Wallis as Culper.

Also stars Clive Swift, Phyllida Nash, Bradley Levelle, Shireen Shah, Peter Copley, Bruce Stewart, Simon Treves, Danielle Allen.

Directed by Shaun McLaughlin.

Genome: [r4 Bd=19920608]By Bruce Stewart.

In the early 60s Felix Culper , a Third

Programme producer, recorded some startling information about the end of the world, but the programme was never made. Now features producer Clare Cassidy is determined to make the programme.

Other parts played by Simon Treves and Daniella Allan. Music by Richard Connolly. Singer Margaret Small.

Producer Shaun MacLoughlin Stereo

Genome: [r4 Bd=19920608] Unknown: Bruce Stewart.

Unknown: Felix Culper

Producer: Clare Cassidy

Played By: Simon Treves

Played By: Daniella Allan.

Music By: Richard Connolly.

Singer: Margaret Small.

Producer: Shaun MacLoughlin

Clare: Imogen Stubbs

Culper: Bill Wallis

Gwenda: Julia Hills

Giles: Bruce Stewart

Sister Hedwig: Phyllida Nash

Rabbi Omstein: Clive Swift

Father Wilfred: Peter Copley

Professor Townley: Bradley Laveae

Miss Gopal: Shireen Shah