The Cult Of Childhood

Deborah Bowman presents four radio essays exploring the theme of childhood in the literary culture of the first half of the 20th century, particularly the 1920s and 30s.


01An Age To Be Small In2007042320070917

An introductory essay surveying the interest of writers of this period in children, childishness, baby-talk and the childlike.

02Peter Pans And Pyjama Parties2007042420070918

This essay examines the influence of Freud and the invention of the notion of adolescence, showing how it found its way into literature from Colette to Evelyn Waugh

03Generation Gap2007042520070919

Deborah investigates the social psychology of the generation gap, a phrase first used by Rose Macaulay in an age worried about the idea that young people might 'rise up' and lay waste to older generations.

04 LASTThe Amazing True Story Of The Flapper2007042620070920

Deborah argues that Flappers and other kinds of childlike posing were a way of criticising the adult world.

Writers featured include Hilaire Belloc and Saki.