The Culture Carriers


Building The Future20020506

Alan Powers reveals the legacy of modernist ARCHITECTs, and ARCHITECTural historian Nikolaus Pevsner is remembered by his son Dieter and biographer Susie Harris.

Gifts From Hitler20020506

Daniel Snowman explores Britain's cultural and intellectual debt to emigres from central Europe who fled the shadow of Nazism.

Key Changes20020506

Michael Hass discusses the work of emigre composers, including music by Berthold Goldschmidt, Egon Wellesz and Hans Gal.

New Stages20020506

Martin Jenkins interviews the late Martin Esslin, champion of Brecht and the theatre of the absurd.

Sleep Sweeter Bournvita20020506

Light music by emigres who fled Nazisim, including Joseph Horovitz, Franz Reizenstein, Walter Goehr, Richard Tauber and Bernhard Grun.

Tales Of Gerard Hoffnung20020506

An appreciation of the cartoonist, concert organiser and tuba player Gerard Hoffnung by Harry Enfield and Hoffnung's widow Annetta.

The Art Of The Emigres20020506

Frank Whitford considers the work of emigre artists from Kokoschka to Lucien Freud and of art historians such as Sir Ernst Gombrich.

Wiener Blut20020506

Siegmund Nissel of the Amadeus Quartet returns to Vienna, city of his adolescence.

With excerpts from Schubert's Rosamunde String Quartet.

You Don't Have To Be Hungarian!20020506

Ian Christie considers the films of Alexander Korda and Emeric Pressburger and the work of Ken Adam, who was employed as designer for the James Bond films.