The Culture Club

Joan Bakewell hosts a new quiz covering the entire artistic and musical canvas, recorded on location at arts and music festivals throughout the country.


0101City Of London Festival1997072019970810

With guests Roy Hattersley, Adrian Noble, Tony Palmer and Denis Quilley.

0102Exeter Festival19970727

With guests Richard Griffiths, Nichola McAuliffe, Tony Palmer and Denis Quilley.

0103Buxton Festival19970803

With guests including Peter Blake, Donald Maxwell and Robert Ziegler.

0105Chichester Festival19970817

With guests Stephen Bayley, Frank Delaney, Dillie Keane and Brian Sewell

0106Greenwich And Docklands Festival19970824

With guests Stephen Bayley, Bryony Brind, Edwina Currie and Loyd Grossman.

0107King's Lynn Festival19970831

With guests Stephen Bayley, Stephen Fry, Tony Palmer and Gillian Reynolds.

0108 LASTHarrogate Festival19970907

With guests Jonathan Meades, Tony Palmer, Brian Sewell and Robert Ziegler.