Curious Scotland [Book Of The Week]

Extracts from George Rosie's collection of essays on some of the more unexpected aspects of Scottish history.

Read by Simon Tait.


01Operation Vegetarian20050117

The story of the plan to drop millions of anthrax-infected cakes on the cattle of Hitler's Germany.

02The Mcklansmen20050118

How Scottish influences played a key part in the development of the Ku Klux Klan.

03The Drug Barons20050119

How two Scottish businessmen made a fortune from opium and engaged the British government in a war with CHINA.

04What Knox Did For Us20050120

Beyond the caricature of John Knox the fiery preacher lies a complex relationship with Mary, Queen of Scots and a radical mission to educate 16th century Scottish society.

05 LASTAs Others See Us20050121

Amusing and outrageous comments on Scots through the ages.