Curly Tales

Five writers under instructions to let their hair down have their wicked way with the short story.



The Proceedings of that Night, by Lynne Truss. In a remote part of the country, an actor enters a studio to read a ghost story. Read by Will Keen.


Writer's Block, by Julian Simpson. A writer stares at an empty page, waiting for the words to come. Maybe a walk will bring inspiration? Read by Mark Heap and William Hootkins.

0101The Proceedings Of That Night2003112420040222
20050503 (BBC7)

By Lynne Truss.

Read by Will Keen.

Up a lonely lane in the back of beyond, an actor enters an unmanned studio to read a ghost story.


By Lynne Truss.

0102Why My Grandmother Learned To Play The Flute2003112520040229

Over a long summer holiday a young girl hears her grandmother's story in sound.

  • read by flora montgomery
  • by.... - scarlett thomas

  • 0103Out Of Character2003112620040307

    When a writer's characters begin to come off the page and take charge of their own destinies, the experience can be unnerving.

  • by.... - philip ardagh

  • 0104A High Profile Case2003112720040314

    by Nick Walker: On a cold night in NEW YORK City, a first time writer listens to his story on the radio.

    It's his fifteen minutes of fame.

    Read by William Hootkins

    0105 LASTWriters Block2003112820040321
    20050504 (BBC7)

    A writer stares at an empty page, waiting for the words to come.

    Maybe a walk will bring inspiration?

  • read by mark heap and william hootkins
  • by.... - julian simpson

  • 0201Turned Out Nice Again20050801

    Written and performed by Ian Mcmillan.

    In a world of fantasy anything is possible, even a TV reality show themed around the immortal George Formby

    0202Brother And Sister And Foot20050802

    An invasion of the body snatchers? Only a foot remains, and the noises...

  • by - Scarlett Thomas
  • read by Flora Montgomery

  • 0203Two Encounters20050803

    An unexpected meeting on a business trip leads a businessman into a dark place in his own mind.

  • read by paul higgins
  • by.... - roger hyams

  • 0204Loulou And Barbie And The Seven Deadly Sins20050804

    A late summer day.

    Soon Loulou will be 12 and it will be time to put away childish things.

    But what will poor Barbie do then?

  • by.... - morven crumlish

  • read by flora montgomery and tara hugo

  • 0205 LASTPropaganda Airways20050805

    There is more than one way to wage war.

    And psychological warfare can be very effective.

  • read by kerry shale
  • by.... - nick walker