Women from the African-Caribbean community are more likely to be obese compared to their white counterparts. But is this simply a matter of bad diet and exercise or is there more to this growing trend?

Journalist and presenter Bridgitte Tetteh ballooned to dress size 22 at the tender age of 14. She investigates the increasing pressures on women from African and Caribbean communities to pursue a curvy physique and the toll it's having on their health. Will her own experiences shed any light on why so many black women pile on the pounds?

Author and playwright Bonnie Greer and Birmingham City University lecturer Dionne Taylor discuss the cultural and historical factors, and there's frank discussion from both men and women in the community. Bridgitte also meets the white woman willing to undergo plastic surgery to achieve a so-called 'perfect black bottom'. There's discussion of the prevalent health issues with Dr Nkem Ezeilo and a visit to some healthy Caribbean cooking classes in Reading.

A Loftus Media production for BBC Radio 4.