Curves Contours And Body Horns


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The Fender Stratocaster

40th Anniversary

2: California Sunburst

The end of the 50s heralded the advent of the Beat Group and the Stratocaster had not gone unnoticed in England. The Shadows and the instrumental era launched a thousand young bands and helped to establish the Strat sound in Europe.

Among the young hopefuls were Eric Clapton , Mark Knopfler , David Gilmour , George Harrison , Keith Richards and Ritchie

Blackmore. Although some of these stars dabbled with other instruments in their careers, all created musical milestones of their own with the Stratocaster.

Genome: [r1 Bd=19950110]

Unknown: Eric Clapton

Unknown: Mark Knopfler

Unknown: David Gilmour

Unknown: George Harrison

Unknown: Keith Richards