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A chance meeting at the airport awaiting an increasingly delayed flight sees a young couple discover they have childhood histories - and family tragedies - in common, growing up on the streets of East Belfast - experiences which have defined every aspect of their lives, not least their relationship to the city they once called home. But as they journey back to Belfast, to their families and to the reminders of the past, they slowly begin to look to the future.

Lucy Caldwell is an award-wining playwright and novelist whose work is no stranger to Radio 4. Her novels ‘The Meeting Point’ and ‘All the Beggars Riding’ were serialised on Book at Bedtime and her drama includes ‘Notes to Future Self’, ‘Avenues of Eternal Peace’, ‘Quicksands’ and the Imison award winning ‘Girl from Mars’.

Writer: Lucy Caldwell
Reader: Laura Pyper
Producer: Heather Larmour

Lucy Caldwell\u2019s story of a chance meeting on a delayed flight to Belfast.