2016080320190711 (BBC7)

When 18-year-old Joel is given full-time care of his baby daughter Mia for two weeks, it doesn't turn out to be quite the easy ride he expected.

In fact, being solely responsible for this perfect, tiny, beautiful baby - his baby - is probably the hardest thing he has ever done. He knows that for once in his life, he really can't mess up.

Written by Sarah McDonald Hughes.

JOEL .... Robert Haythorne
NAOMI .... Sarah McDonald Hughes
DANNY .... Reece Noi
TRACY .... Flo Wilson
AMY .... Rosina Carbone
ASHLEIGH .... Lauren Gabrielle-Thomas

Director: Charlotte Riches

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2014.

Drama about a young, full-time, sleep-deprived, clueless dad. By Sarah McDonald Hughes.