Dad Who Fell To Earth, The [Drama]


2015070920200123 (BBC7)

Tom had been struggling to come to terms with his dad's sudden death, but that was before he found out his dad was secretly an alien from a distant planet.

Tom finds his whole world shifting to a new perspective, a perspective that might just also include saving Earth from imminent destruction.

Comedy drama by Toby Hadoke.

Tom.... Toby Hadoke
Russell.... Ronald Pickup
Jan.... Cherylee Houston
Wendy.... Alexandra Mathie
Pete.... Lee Fenwick
Steve.... Lee Fenwick
Chelsea.... Zoe Iqbal

Director: Charlotte Riches

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in July 2015.

Toby Hadoke's comedy drama about grief and aliens. Starring Ronald Pickup.

Drama from BBC Radio 4