Dan Rebellato - My Life Is A Series Of People Saying Goodbye [Drama]


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How many ways are there to say goodbye? An adventurous new play about parting.
AD20110404 (BBC7)
20151123 (BBC7)
How many ways are there to say goodbye? Why do we say goodbye? And what does it really feel like? Is it always forever? An adventurous new play about parting by Dan Rebellato.

Scott and Ben are climbing a mountain. When Scott falls, Ben has to leave him to get help. Sean and Nathan turned the company around but today, Nathan has to make his colleague redundant. Richard has been with Dawn for years, but he knows tonight's evening out is make or break. Sarah is expecting her girlfriend Lou for dinner, so the call from the airport comes as a shock. Nikki is nervous about leaving London to start a new life as a student in Cardiff. MP Andrew has survived a media storm about his expenses claims, with the support of his constituency party - until now.

Blurring distinctions between time, place and people, My Life is a Series of People Saying Goodbye explores the pain, poignancy and new possibilities of parting.

Dan Rebellato is a playwright and academic. He has been shortlisted twice for a Sony award. His new stage play, Chekov in Hell, will be at the Soho Theatre London 20 April to 14 May, after a successful run at The Drum, Plymouth. Other radio work includes an adaptation of Gogol's Dead Souls starring Michael Palin and Mark Heap. He is Professor of Contemporary Theatre at Royal Holloway University of London and a regular contributor to The Guardian theatre website.

Sound designer: Eloise Whitmore

Producer: Polly Thomas

A Crosslab production for BBC Radio 4.