Genome: [r4 Bd=19681007]A play for radio by Giles Cooper

The new District Magistrate in the British island colony off the coast of Africa finds himself so much in opposition to the reactionary ideas held by many of the local British residents that he allows the execution of justice to become tainted by his feelings. with Gladys Spencer. Diana Olsson Dorit Welles , John Bryning


Broadcast on February 19. 1962

Genome: [r4 Bd=19681007] Unknown: Giles Cooper

Unknown: Gladys Spencer.

Unknown: Diana Olsson

Unknown: Dorit Welles

Unknown: John Bryning

Produced By: William Glen-Doepel

Glyn: Donald Houston

Peggy: Rachel Kempson

Alan: Hamilton Dyce

Banham: Will Leighton

Jenkins: Godfrey Kenton

Dr McGillivray: Malcolm Hayes

Cromwell: Lloyd Reckord

Betty: Sheila Grant

Chandra: Andrew Irvine

Abibwe: Neville Monroe

Native gossip: Garard Green

Prosecutor: Bakshi Prem

Constable: Bloke Modisane