Genome: [r4 Bd=19681125]A new history play for radio by Lydia Ragosin with Joss Ackland Murray Melvin

An accident or murder? The death of William Rufus while hunting in the New Forest remains a mystery; but there is one theory perhaps more sinister than any other...

Friends of the King:

The action takes place in England and France in the reign of William Rufus between 1093. and 1100 Produced by CHARLES LEFEAUX

Joss Ackland is in 'Hotel in Amsterdam ' at the New Theatre. London

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19681125] Unknown: Lydia Ragosin

Unknown: Joss Ackland

Unknown: Murray Melvin

Unknown: William Rufus

Produced By: Charles Lefeaux

Produced By: Joss Ackland

Eadward: Victor Lucas

Anselm Abbot of Bec: Brian Haines

William Rufus. son of William the Conqueror: Joss Ackland

Ranulf Flambard: John Wyse

Sir Walter Tirel: Haydn Jones

Count Robert of Meulan: Francis de Wolff

Edmund: John Bryning

Gilbert: Alexander John

Geoffrey: John Baddeley

Ralph: Peter Williams

Richard, Robert of Normandy's illegitimate son.: Judy Bennett

Robert, Duke of Normandy and William's elder brother: John Rye

Henry Aethling, William's younger brother.: Murray Welvin

Mahaut, Henry's mistress: Lisa Harrow

Hugh, Earl of Chester: Victor Lucas