The Darling Buds Of May

David Jason reading an adaptation of H E Bates' classic novel.


0120040123Young tax inspector Mr Charlton comes to investigate Pop Larkin, who has never paid a penny of tax.
0220040130Pop, with guile and good humour, induces Mr Charlton to put his tax enquiries to one side, and to stay overnight by getting him drunk.
0320040206Pop persuades Charley that he should spend the weekend with them.
0420040213Pop persuades Charley to call in sick on the Monday.
0520040220Charley deals with the unscrupulous female strawberry pickers who are out to defraud the farmers.
0620040227David Jason reads an adaptation of H E Bates's classic novel.

Charley's natural honesty is sorely tested, but he finally decides to stay with the Larkins a little while longer.

0720040305To Charley's delight, Mariette competes in the local pony gymkhana, an event full of incident, mostly engineered by Pop Larkin.
08 LAST20040312Charley asks Pop's permission to marry Mariette.