20180924Radio 4 becomes art in a unique blending of creativity and technology.

We convert Radio 4 into a data stream on a single day and turn it into art.

"Carefully Everywhere Descending" is how poet E.E. Cummings described the falling of snow; it is a phrase which also, rather beautifully, captures the silent accretion of data in the information saturated world around us. But though the data rich world is largely invisible to us it can be made visible. We can take the intangible and ephemeral stream of data pluming off Radio 4 and turn it into something else; something you can see, touch, make permanent.

In this innovative project we convert the audio of Radio 4 on the summer equinox into data which in turn will become three distinct artworks. Artist and designer Brendan Dawes will digitize the emotions expressed throughout that day and re-imagine them as 3D printed sculptures, composers and data scientists Domenica Vicinanza and Genevieve Williams will take the station's twitter traffic and combine it with the position of the sun to create a piece for a classical quartet. A final team from Edinburgh's College of Art will take the poems that were read 'on air' to celebrate the equinox and see how a computer might describe them to another machine.

The result will demonstrate the power of the digital world as a creative tool enabling us to understand and appreciate the world in astonishing, insightful new ways.

Producer: Peter McManus.