Dates With The Devil's Disciple


0120041208In the first of two programmes focusing on Enver Hoxha, the leader of Europe's last Stalinist state, James Maw travels to Hoxha's birthplace and meets his cousins to hear about crucial moments in Hoxha's life.

James also talks to the British spy David Smiley who fought along side Hoxha during the war, then spied on him in the fifties.

Later he was betrayed by Britain's most famous spy Kim Philby.

02 LAST20041215James Maw concludes his portrait of Albania's most notorious leader, Enver Hoxla, by visiting the National Archive, previously closed to the outside world.

He discovers the contradictory legacy of a man who idolised Stalin, turned his country into a prison and yet enjoyed the works of Jerome K Jerome.James meets Hoxha's victims and his son Ilir Hoxha his son, who remembers a loving and attentive dad.