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Dave celebrates some of the finest moments in UK dance history.


Dave celebrates some of the finest moments in UK dance history.


Dave Pearce celebrates four decades of dance music.


Dave Pearce celebrates dance music from 1978, the year that Donna Summer hits the charts with her version of MacArthur Park, Dallas is on the small screen and video consoles make their mark with the appearance of the Atari 2600!


Dave Pearce celebrates a landmark year in the evolution of Dance and takes us back to the tunes from 1979. Hit songs from Michael Jackson, Herbie Hancock and the Gibson Brothers feature.


Presenter and international club DJ Dave Pearce guides us through another amazing year in the history of dance music. It's 1982. Dance music was developing, shimmying away from the disco sound that had dominated for so long and into a fresh and new electronic groove.


Dave Pearce takes us through another brilliant year for Dance music -1986! As well as classic tunes by Janet Jackson, Gwen Guthrie and Colonel Abrams expect to hear rarer grooves from the likes of Dhar Braxton, Private Possession and Jocelyn Brown.


Dave Pearce makes a welcome return to Radio 2 with his Dance Years series. Each show centres on a fantastic year of dance, starting with 1987 which was a hugely important year in the history of electronic dance music. This was the year that 'Reet Petite' by Jackie Wilson topped the singles charts, a song that had been a hit first time round in 1957! But it was knocked off the top spot by a totally different tune - 'Jack Your Body' by Steve 'Silk' Hurley which was and still is, a landmark tune. The series will take listeners on a musical journey through the special years and the biggest tunes in dance history.


Dave Pearce celebrates dance music from the past 40 years and reveals the years that were significant in the evolution of dance and why. 1988 is the year of Yazz and Salt N Pepa, as well as huge club tunes such as Voodoo Ray by A Guy Called Gerald, who by the way is really a guy called Gerald - Gerald Simpson! Neneh Cherry, Todd Terry and Inner City will also be on Dave's turntables so expect a great hour of uplifting music.


It's back to 1992 for this evening's Dave Pearce Dance Years. Rave still reigns supreme and peaks at a week-long free dance festival held in the Malvern Hills near Malvern. Now the stuff of legends, the Castlemorton Common Festival attracted thousands who gathered to enjoy the week-long dance music jamboree. Dave Pearce plays some of the biggest tunes that dominated the clubs and muddy fields from that year.


Another fascinating year in the evolution of Dance music. It's 1994 and M People nudge aside the Prodigy, Pulp and Blur to win the Mercury music prize. It was a significant moment in which the dance music movement triumphed over Britpop and Britpop artists.


Join Dave Pearce as he celebrates dance music from the past 40 years. Tonight we visit another extraordinary year in Dance music history - 1998. Lining up at the turntable are Madonna, Mousse T, Fatboy Slim and Faithless...and a whole lot more!


Presenter and international club DJ Dave Pearce celebrates dance music from the past 40 years. He turns his glowstick to 1999 which was a terrific year for Dance and now an established global music movement. Hear the tracks that were pivotal that year including Moloko's Sing It Back and Groove Armada's I See You Baby.

Dave Meets Todd Terry20130119

Todd Terry joins Dave to talk about his twenty five years in the music industry and selects some of the songs that have influenced him, ranging from James Brown to the Art of Noise.