Dave Simpson - Nightmares


20171030Nightmares and waking hours blur as nurse Jilly fears attack by a masked knifeman.

Jilly's been having recurring nightmares, in which she hears footsteps, meets a grotesquely masked stranger in a lift - or is picked up by a taxi driver who turns out to be the same person.

She also dreams of being alone in the house asleep and hearing broken glass. It's all very real and very frightening.

A hospital consultant, who's attracted to her, offers advice and the pair become friends. However, the terrifying nightmares continue...

Dave Simpson's psychological thriller stars Gillian Kearney as Jilly, Chris Gascoyne as Nick, Deborah McAndrew as Penny, Jonathan Keeble as Ben and David Harewood as James.

Director: Pauline Harris

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2004.