David Calcutt - Paper Doll


20160925 (BBC7) I can see you. I'm watching. Here in the dark, in this corner. I can see you, going through everything, dirtying it all with your fingers. Think you're alone, eh? Think it's just rubbish? Just wait. Soon. You'll find out. Soon. "

Two young men find more than they bargained for when they search for junk in a derelict house.

David Calcutt's chilling drama stars Richard Pasco as Matthews, Michael Staniforth as Mick and Daniel Abineri as Ronnie.

Directed in Birmingham by Vanessa Whitburn

Michael Staniforth played Mr Claypole in the long-running BBC children's tv series Rentaghost.

First broadcast in Thirty Minute Theatre on BBC Radio 4 long wave only in 1979.

20160925 (BBC7)
20160926 (BBC7)
Two young men search for junk in a derelict house.