David Lemon - The Tunnel [Drama]


DRAMA2016081220181018 (R4)Science fiction drama by David Lemon set in Britain in 2056.

Drama from BBC Radio 4

Science Fiction drama by David Lemon set in Britain in 2056 following the collapse of the information age.

George and his granddaughter Chloe are fleeing a chaotic and economically desperate land in an attempt to reach a rumoured safe haven across the water. Can George deliver his granddaughter to safety with her faith in the future intact?

George ….. Jonathan Coy
Chloe ….. Georgia Groome
Simon ….. Neil Grainger
Mitch ….. Nicola Ferguson
Kenneth/The Captain ….. Sargon Yelda
Pamela ….. Adie Allen
Joel ….. James Lailey
French solider ….. Scarlett Brookes

Produced and directed by Gemma Jenkins.

A writer for film, television and radio, David Lemon's radio work includes The Man In Black, starring Mark Gatiss. His second feature, Containment, premiered at the 2015 East End Film Festival.