David Morley - A Cold Supper Behind Harrods


AFTERNOON DRAMA20170719 (BBC7)A chance meeting of three former World War II special agents reveals dark secrets.

50 years after the end of the war that first brought them together, three Special Operations Executive agents meet once again to record interviews for a TV documentary investigating the murder of their colleague Patricia at the hands of the Gestapo.

Whilst waiting to be interviewed Vera Atkins, Leo Marks and John Harrison reminisce but soon move beyond pleasantries to re-examine their conduct during the war. In doing so they gradually reveal a complicated history of lies, self-deception and guilt. In the murky world of sabotage and spying each one was compromised and the lines between right and wrong became blurred. Why did Vera and the London team apparently ignore evidence that the Gestapo had infiltrated Patricia's SOE network in France? And what does her cold exterior hide? Could the genius code maker Leo have done more to persuade his superiors to stop sending young agents to inevitable capture in France? What is the truth about John Harrison's years spent in German captivity? Did he break under interrogation? In this drama, inspired by real characters and events, it is only as the three former agents depart for London in a taxi that the disturbing truth finally emerges.

Written by David Morley
Directed by Philip Franks

Producer: Richard Clemmow
A Perfectly Normal Production for BBC Radio 4.